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Hello, I'm Ash, the mind and heart behind Ya Dubai. With over a decade immersed in the realms of retail and fragrance, my journey has been one fueled by passion and knowledge.


As someone deeply rooted in Arabic culture, my upbringing immersed me in the richness of luxury ingredients like the finest Oud and Sandalwood, igniting much of my passion from my youth. Transitioning to the UK and collaborating with premium brands provided invaluable insights that shaped Ya Dubai. It's a brand born from my authentic love for the art of scents, seamlessly blending luxury with affordability to offer a truly distinctive experience.

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As the proud owner of Ya Dubai, each fragrance is a testament to my commitment and dedication. Inspired by the captivating essence of Dubai, these scents blend tradition with innovation, creating a truly unique olfactory experience. 

I’d love to welcome you all to Ya Dubai, where my expertise and passion converge to redefine the world of fragrance.


Here at Ya Dubai, fragrance is an art form and each scent encapsulates the essence of a city that exudes unparalleled allure. Ya Dubai is a testament to passion, expertise, and the beauty found in every carefully crafted bottle.

Our journey is led by a seasoned team deeply entrenched in the world of scents, ensuring that each fragrance is a symphony of notes inspired by the rich tapestry of Dubai. From the bustling souks to the serene landscapes, our collection is a reflection of the city's dynamic spirit.

Ya Dubai is more than a brand; it's an invitation to immerse yourself in the evocative aromas that define Dubai's charm. With a commitment to quality and an unwavering dedication to the craft, we invite you to explore the unique fragrances that weave together tradition, innovation, and the unmistakable magic of Ya Dubai. Welcome to a world where every scent tells a story, and the essence of Dubai comes alive in each bottle.

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